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In today’s fast pace life, everybody is looking for instant solutions to all the problems. When it comes to keeping up once appearances and beat the clock of ageing, rarely people have patience to wait for the cumulative effects of topical anti-ageing products. Moreover, the results with topical agents may not match one’s expectations at the end.

Face lift came up as a single step procedure to bring about dramatic results. But surgical face lift has its own pros and cons, and in the first place, who wants to go under a surgeon’s knife!

So here we have a revolutionary treatment with the benefits similar to those of a surgical face lift “minus” the surgery - Thread Lift, which provides a ray of hope from all the corners!

What is Face lift?
Face lift, also known as thread lift or face thread lift, is a minimally invasive procedure where dissolvable sutures are placed under the skin to “lift” and reposition the facial tissue.
It involves the use of a special, implantable surgical thread that lifts sagging skin on the forehead, eyebrows, mid-face, and the neck. Other than the face, threads can also be used to tighten the loose tissue on forearm and abdomen.

How does it work?
Ageing process is associated with bone resorption, atrophy of facial fat, loss in muscle mass, and degradation of dermal collagen and elastin. These changes manifest clinically as wrinkles, folds, creases on the skin, with sagging of remanent tissue under the effect of gravity. A thread face lift can reverse these signs of ageing by repositioning the facial tissues without surgical complications.

Face lift employs usage of bio-compatible threads made of polydioxadione (PDO) which get absorbed inside the deeper dermis within 6 months of instillation.
Diminishing the lines and smoothening the folds by lifting skin at a deeper level, is the complete purpose of threads.
Threads give you instant improvement in terms of less droopy and lifted face. Simultaneously fibroblasts are also stimulated to produce more collagen in deeper dermis along the direction of threads, improving the firmness of the skin.
The result is stimulated anti – ageing effect of instilled threads and more supple and rejuvenated skin which lasts for good 18 to 24 months.