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We treat hair loss and hair fall problems with hair restoration &  regrowth by medications, PRP therapy with natural growth factors. Restore your lost hair & get back your confidence with our advanced hair loss treatment, advanced technology, expertized team and high standards protocols.

Hair Loss Treatment

Identifying hair loss is so complex that we almost visit a hair loss clinic either too early or too late! Here is the way you can identify if you actually have hair loss.

Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

Looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi? Visit Skin Laser Centre for top-notch treatments and exceptional results.

PRP Hair Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair loss is a three step medical treatment in which a person`s blood is drawn, processed and then injected into the scalp

Derma Roller Treatment

Derma rollers are a device that may stimulate hair growth. These items have microneedles that prick the skin and may help hair growth by increasing blood with flow to the scalp.


Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method applied by injecting a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential for hair into the scalp. This technique empowers the components that nourish the hair follicles to handily get comfortable the hair.

Laser Cap Treatment

laser hair cap is a wearable hair growth system that treats thinning hair and restores thicker, fuller, stronger hair in both men and women. It targets the entire scalp and is most effective treatment which promote hair growth.

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is characterized by dry, oily flakes of dead skin in the hair and shoulders. Its presence prompts a bothersome scalp, and the shedding of dandruff causes shame. Dandruff whenever left unrestrained may likewise prompt extreme hair fall!

Medi Hair Spa Treatment

Medi Hair spa is a hair treatment, that nourishes the hair from deep making strength for them and healthy, alongside giving a quieting impact of a head massage.

Alopecia Areata Treatment

Alopecia areata is a disease that happens when the immune system attacks hair follicles and causes hair loss.